10 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Static Website to WordPress

In case you’re simply going for a small website design that is probably not going to change or require new content, static HTML is a good approach. Be that as it may, for whatever else, WordPress is in all likelihood going to be a superior decision. Here we will talk about the 10 reasons why you should switch from static website to WordPress.

1. WordPress is always easy to manage, setup and update.

You don’t should be an Internet expert or an HTML developer/coder to utilize WordPress. All you require is an internet setup and a web program to develop your website.

WordPress.com is the ideal beginning stage for any independent business. At the point when you’re prepared to tweak your website further, it’s anything but difficult to relocate your website to a web hosting account.

2. A huge number of expertly designed themes.

Many of the WordPress themes are available free of cost. WordPress themes enable you to have an expertly designed website without the torment or cost of employing an expert web designer.

There are more than 2,000 free themes available in the WordPress Theme Directory and most of them are available at business locales like Theme Forest, WooThemes and StudioPress.

3. WordPress modules add complex business highlights to your website without hiring a developer.

WordPress is designed to be broadened, and that is the thing that software engineers the world over have done. A huge number of WordPress functionality and plugins to the core development system. So whether you need a straightforward contact structure or a full-included e-commerce business system, there’s a plugin or module to meet your business requirements.

4. WordPress is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

WordPress naturally solves a huge amount of SEO issues. And with the free Yoast SEO module, your site will be much more SEO friendly.

5. WordPress is an open source.

Dissimilar to other website development tools WordPress is an open source and free from commercial limitations and restrictions. That implies you can utilize the software any way you pick and host your website anywhere you want. All unafraid that changes in another person’s business model will have an unfriendly effect one of your most significant business resources. A related advantage is that WordPress costs not exactly commercial alternatives.

6. WordPress is secure and safe .

Since WordPress is a famous CMS platform, it shouldn’t shock that it’s an objective for hackers. Still, WordPress holds the security of its clients truly. While you can rehearse some fundamental safety measures, for example, not downloading a theme or module from an entrusted webpage, WordPress always updates its software to stop the attacks. Actually, WordPress has a programmed update include as far back as the arrival of version 3.7.

7. WordPress is Customizable.

As a result of the huge number of plugins and themes that WordPress is offering, with only a single click you can customize your website to show up and work as you might want. Besides, in light of the apparently unending number of highlights that WordPress brings to the table, you can make a website or page that you’ve constantly needed.

8. WordPress hosts multimedia.

The expansion of pictures, audio or video files is an extraordinary method to improve the experience of your clients. Fortunately, WordPress makes it simple for you to embed multimedia documents into a web page or post. In addition to the fact that it is

simple for you to upload media documents, you can also edit the same files, similar to images, during in the Media Library Screen.

9. WordPress is mobile friendly.

It is more significant for a website to be mobile friendly to run on cell phones and tablets. With WordPress, in any case, you don’t need to be worried over that. It’s now mobile friendly, on account of a considerable lot of the themes being responsive.

10. WordPress continues showing signs of improvement.

Since WordPress procures first class developers/designers, you can be sure that WordPress is just going to show signs of improvement over the long haul. Likewise, on the grounds that WordPress is open source, any designer/developer can upgrade the client experience so it can turn into the best CMS platform available.

WordPress can be the best website development platform for your business. As far back as we recommend to switch your own and business websites to WordPress in light of the fact that we see how powerful it tends to be. You can do truly everything with WordPress. So we profoundly suggest that you should switch from Static website to a WordPress today!

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